Hi, thank you for looking at my website. My name is Catherine, I would describe myself as an honest and caring individual who just happens to love animals too. 

I started out life in the financial sector working for a local Building Society, and then went on to work for a national Bank. After many years I took a completely different direction and went to work within the care sector. I started at the bottom and gradually worked my way to a management position. From there I transitioned into the education sector and delivered numerous care related qualifications.

I have now come to time in my life where I would like to indulge my passion for animals and their care. My love of animals came at a very early age, and you could say I started my love of dog walking when I was six and later as a young teen. I was always asking family friends and neighbours if I could take their dogs a walk and was asked to look after their rabbits and cats too. Unfortunately for me at this time my family were unable to have animals due to work commitments, however I did try my best and often brought waifs and strays home much to my parents chagrin, therefore I understand some of the problems we as pet owners can face at times.

My experience in animal care comes from having my own pets from an early teenager throughout to my adult years. I have been the proud owner and lucky companion of beloved Greyhounds, German Shepherd, cats, birds, rabbits, I have also helped my family look after their sheep, lambs, ducks and chickens. I have gained further experience recently by attending Canine 1st Aid course with PAWS , Dog Handling & Bite Prevention at Myerscough College, and Dog Breeds an online course with NarpsUK

I currently have the pleasure and love of my cheeky little chap Harley a 4 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. My partner and I also have 3 planted tropical aquariums.