This information has been taken from a downloadable leaflet available to everyone from Burnley Borough Council called 'Be a Pawsome Dog Owner'

Be a Pawsome

Dog Owner



If you don’t clean up after your dog you could face a


You said dog fouling is a top concern

for you and we have listened.

To reduce levels of dog fouling in the borough we

have put in extra resources including targeted

hotspot patrols, organised local events, joined

forces with key partners and installed new bins.

Burnley Council is the second best

authority in the country when it comes

to prosecuting irresponsible dog owners.

In the last 12 months we have issued

more than 138 fixed penalty notices.










A dog can be a loyal companion and friend: an animal

with which we play, exercise and care for. All dog

owners have a responsibility to follow a few simple

rules for the benefit of everyone in the community and

ensure their dogs are well looked after. This brochure

has been designed to assist dog owners and inform

them about their obligations under the law, and to the

community in which they live.

Responsible Dog


For the wellbeing and safety of your dog and the

community, please ensure that you:

Pick up after your dog at all times and

dispose the bag in a bin

Carry extra doggie bags and kindly share

them if other dog owners do not have any

Follow dog control orders where they

apply and make sure your dog is at its

best behaviour

Do not walk the dog in children’s play


Don’t let your dog become a nuisance to

your neighbours

Ensure your dog receives a healthy

well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise

Take your dog to the vet regularly for its


Make sure your dog has a collar and a tag

and... microchipped. Microchipping will

soon be compulsory for all dog owners

in England, following an announcement

made by the Government.

For further information about our dog services

or report a problem go to our dog services

section of the website at


or call us on

01282 425011


To promote responsible dog ownership and to

tackle dog fouling, the council provides and

supports a number of services and initiatives.

Dog Warden

Our dog warden enforces various laws

regarding dogs, stray dogs, dangerous dogs

and dog fouling to improve the environment

and tackle anti-social behaviour.

The warden will respond to sightings of roaming

dogs on any public land, collect all found dogs

and keep them for a maximum of seven days,

so they can be reclaimed by their owner.

The warden also works with local re-homing

charities to ‘place’ unclaimed dogs with loving

and caring families. We have an

excellent record of successful

home placements.

Micro-chipping events

Having your pet microchipped is

one of the best ways to increase

your pet’s chances of getting

home. Working in partnership

with the Dogs Trust, every year

we organise a series of free

dog microchipping events

across Burnley. To keep

up-to-date when the event

are taking place, visit