Catherine’s Dog Walking with Pet & Home Services will follow NarpsUK Code of Practice which is:

  • Members shall practice with integrity, responsibility and trustworthiness and shall recognise their responsibility to clients, client’s dogs and other pets, client’s property, and security and safety in general. The welfare of client’s dogs and other pets shall be paramount and shall not be made subordinate to commercial consideration.

  • Members shall maintain professional relationships with their clients and shall not exploit such relationships for improper personal, professional or financial gain, nor seek inappropriately to impose their own values on clients.

  • Members shall not disclose any personal or private information about their clients.

  • Members shall not seek to attract business unfairly or unprofessionally or conduct their practice in any way that would discredit the reputation of NarpsUK.

  • Members are required to accept and abide by this code, to abide by and observe any other rules, regulations and pronouncements of NarpsUK, and to acknowledge that membership shall not be used to endorse the activities of any club, society or other organisation.

  • Members are not permitted to speak on behalf of NarpsUK in their endorsement of commercialisation of any product, service or in the event of interview or provision of information to any member of the press or other media.

  • Members must not make misleading claims or statements in advertising or otherwise.