Harley Sunbathing
Kai the big softy
My First Customer Toby
Inquisitive Toby
 Harley and I off for a walk
Gemma a loyal friend
Small Heading
A very wet Toby
My second fish tank
Toby King of the Castle                     Jeremy the talking dog                             Beautiful Poppy                                           My Harley paddling
Harley getting a bit deeper                   Proud Bella                                        Gorgeous Coin                                            Another Harley
A dog called Elf                                       Oscar the well travelled cat              Lovely Leo the Staffy                               Coin and I on a crisp cold day
Toby and Harley                           Losing my heart to Sherry                   The snuffle girls Poppy and Bella                          Cute cuddly Charlie
Beautiful Izzy                                  My Harley                                    Toby the well behaved house guest
Bella and Poppy looking beautiful after their personal groomer came to visit
Beuatiful Bella is camera shy
Handsome Duke, whats that you go there?
Maisie saying not to tell her mum that she didn't pull me on the lead.......your secret is safe with me Maisie!
Fabulous Foxy a sweet and gentle girl